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25-10-2016 à 02h02
the story continue...up to last friday.

- differential boxes reinforcements
- new bearings cleaning and re-greasing
- hard steel pins for reduction gears
- motor mount flanges and motor installation

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25-10-2016 à 02h08
then...even if I didn't made the lower aluminum plate reinforcement, saturday morning I wanted to play with my child in my private area...

1 session...perfect, drive with brake is another planet, very satisfying, etc etc...

I recharged again the battery and after 2 hours I went again out for a second session but unfortunately during driving I catch a wooden fence with the right rear wheel...resul: rear differential box broken.

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25-10-2016 à 02h08
Lien commercial -8-

25-10-2016 à 02h09
just after that I went on ebay and I ordered a complete rear assembly (used), I will replace the box and I'll make the aluminum plate.

not so bad...not so problem.

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25-10-2016 à 20h56
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Sad to see the last pictures ! That's the only weakness of the D2, and even with your fiber reinforcement it has broken Maybe the shock was hard too.
Otherwise : great job

Also, can you share the link where you founded your Rod and Ball end for the upper suspension and steering ajustment

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25-10-2016 à 22h15
Hi Tusken,

you're right, it's a weak point of this model...the plastic is very old and can't work today without a lower reinforcements.
By the way the broken was related to a very strong hit to the wooden fence (you can see that fence some pics before).
The front and rear shocks are set in a soft way (soft springs, 400 oil)

Saturday was just a first run, nothing special for push the car but I wasn't able to drive with limiter ON and a small mistake (too close to that fence) and happened.
Not a big issue, the car is already repaired because today I received a complete rear assembly (used one).

Now I discovered another problem, the outside axle bearings are almost gone...I don't know if it's because I drove it fast with continuos cornering and braking or because those bearing (bought at VBX Bearings) are chinese ones.
Someone have some suggestion about this ?

about rod&ball I spent a lot of money by buying many different type in different shops, one is Hobbyking, the others in Italy (Jonathn Modellismo and Game Mania) the white ones on the servo-saver came from my local model shop.


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25-10-2016 à 22h48
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It has happened the same with some of my bearings, chinese of course. For the price it's not really impressive ; once I Bought 20 of them, and 4 or 5 were already out.
Currently, I've already changed 3 on my D2 ; when the noise is near from a GrrrGrrrGrrrr rather than a greasy sound, I just change it.

Be sure that you would have (almost) the same problem with "genuine" bearings, which cost five time more

On Hobbyking, did you find them in 1/10, 1/16 or 1/8 models spare parts ? 'Cause I've never succeed in finding the good ones which fit as well as yours !

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26-10-2016 à 00h40
anyway to replace all the outsides bearings now I bought the AVID brand, I read that many person are happy with that...9euro for 8pcs

here the rods&ball bought till now:

for the upper suspension arms, differential side: )-5-pz.html

upper suspension arms rod LH-RH (1pz).html

upper ball for front and rear fuses (connect to rod) +6mm+by+3Racing

right steering rod (1pz).html

left steering rod (1pz).html

ball+cleves (fuses side)

the shocks are fixed by Dictator balls at the arm side and by M3 screws on towers.

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26-10-2016 à 21h45
bad news about LRP fusion.
today I received and email from the model shop in spain (where I found them, paid them, bla bla bla) talking about they had a mistake, the online shop was not updated corrctly and they don't have anymore. So they will refound me.

good news today i received the permax 400's

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26-10-2016 à 22h25
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First, thanks a lot for all your links

The comparison will be fine with the permax ... even better without a wild fence

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26-10-2016 à 22h25
27-10-2016 à 17h23
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Very good work. You've inspired many of our tutorial. Damage to the case of the rear wheel.
The permax are very good engine for the dictator to speed the lrp are better.

Look my channel .

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