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15-10-2016 à 13h06
Hi to all,

here I will share what I'm doing to my Dictator 1.

the car was the "child toy" of one of my best friend and he decided to gift me a couple of year ago.
last months I started to watch it but it was not in a very good shape, completely broken electronics, wears on many suspension and transmission parts, etc etc.

So my project started first with a full dismantle of the model and cleaning...time by time (specially reading on this forum) my idea became more clear: I want to make it reliable, a bit faster and most important I wanted to use modern model components.

so I hope you will enjoy my WIP


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15-10-2016 à 13h54
prepration of some epoxy resin reinforcement fillings
I add also aluminum powder into the resin to get a more stronger results

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15-10-2016 à 13h54
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15-10-2016 à 14h05
bushings into the suspension arms and differential cases

new stainless steel arms pins

my messy desk..

new traxxas pinions

the new motors, I ordered 2 Graupner Speed 400 and they give me those, they said are exactly the same (I hope)

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15-10-2016 à 14h17
since I modified the battery vane to fit a Lipo battery the plastic frame became extremely weak, so I started to reinforce the frame inside and outside (I've read an saw a lot of users here with frame broken in 2 or 3 parts).

to do this job I used polyester resin (can stick very well on the ABS frame), fiberglass cloth (200g), carbon cloth (200g) and also a carbon square tube.

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16-10-2016 à 00h40

reinforcements of the chassis is finished with the front gearbox area, then I started to install all the electronics and wirings.


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16-10-2016 à 14h16
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Very nice job !

I'm impatient to see more

Specs of the Graupner Speed 400 6V :

Tension nominale 6 V
Plage de tension d'alimentation 2,4 ... 7,2 V
Régime de rotation à vide 18000 min-1
Consommation à vide 0,7 A
Consommation au rendement maximum 4 A
Consommation au blocage 25 A

Specs of the Aeronaut race 400 6V :

Caractéristiques techniques:
- Tension nominale: 6 V
- Plage de tension d'alimentation: 3.6 à 6v
- Régime de rotation à vide: 16000 T/min
- Consommation max: 12A
- Rendement: 75%

The graupner is more powerful and has an higher max rev, hope the Aeronaut will be enough !

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17-10-2016 à 09h14
you're right Tusken, I already compared the 2 motor...

I'm thinking to buy 2 LRP but I can't find the technical data to check if with my ESC I can drive them.

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17-10-2016 à 11h20
for your experience I can drive 2 LRP Fusion 380 with the following configuration ?:

- Motor Connection
Parallel from ESC

- ESC Hobbywing Quicrun 60A
Fwd. Cont. / Peak Current: 60A /360A
Rev. Cont. / Peak Current: 30A /180A
Voltage Range: 2-3S Lipo or 5-9 NiMH

- BATTERY Turnigy Lipo 2S 4200MAh


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17-10-2016 à 12h05
unfortunately seems to be impossible to find this motor now...

I only found one shop in Spain byt the cost is around 22€ each !

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17-10-2016 à 12h05
ALBA des accessoires de fixation jetables
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17-10-2016 à 12h22
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Good brushed motors are very rare now, brushless have totally replace them ...

Your ESC is good enough for 2 LRP 380, even for two normal 540 type motors

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